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Violinist and Producer James Mahler began his musical journey at the age of four with his parents deciding he should learn the violin. Of course James had no say in the matter…he was only four and had only even begun to talk a year prior. Throughout the years, James kept up with the violin, despite hating it initially. It was when James turned fifteen that he discovered that his musical talent could be monetized through busking (street-performing). And who doesn’t love money right? But it was so much more than that. James began to learn how to produce, record, and mix his own songs from a variety of youtube channels and friends over the years and has finally achieved a state he likes to call “listenable”.

Now, he goes by Spicy Violin, and has dedicated this alias to be 100% violin focused, since there is a serious lack of ‘interesting to listen to’ violinists out there. While he would love to only focus on anime and video game material, he knows that pop music pays the bills currently and while it’s not his favorite genre, he still enjoys certain songs within it (especially Post Malone oh my lawd).

Spicy performs regularly around the Dallas Fort Worth and Austin/San Marcos areas and is excited to keep on leveling up his show and make even more fun and entertaining videos and musical ideas. If you’re looking for more content than what he releases on streaming services and youtube, consider checking out his Patreon at and you will not be disappointed with the exclusive content over there!

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