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Spicy Violin


Weddings, Parties, Events

Ed Sheeran-like live looping and flawless soulful violin playing

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Music, Production, and More

Producing, session work, and a myriad of other audio services

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About the Man Behind the Violin

Growing Up

I grew up in a small suburb of Dallas Fort Worth called Roanoke, TX and had quite the unusual upbringing.

My parents started me on the violin when I was four and had no idea what was happening, other than that I went to school at home and that seemed pretty weird.

I gained enough XP in violin that my parents finally let me get piano lessons, and that's where I truly started to fall in love with music. Violin was a chore I had to do but listening to music and writing songs on the piano was what kept me going.

Enter: The Loop Pedal

I finally went to a real school my freshman year of high school and I was incredibly excited.

I soon realized "real" school also meant lots of homework and late nights studying for tests. Let's just say I wasn't a fan.

Loop pedals on the other hand, piqued my interest. When I turned 16, a friend of mine brought one into class one day and he graciously allowed me to borrow it.

At the time, I barely knew what to do with it. Despite that, I began to fall in love with the violin again. Apparently it wasn't the instrument I hated, just the boring classical music I played.

One Saturday I had a wedding to play at but I found out it was canceled. Devastated I wasn't going to make my $200, I decided to try street performing (busking). To my great surprise, I made $175 in about two and a half hours of playing. At that moment, I knew it was possible for me to make money doing music.

Spicy as an Adult

Since that day, I've done all the shows I could, and a few that I couldn't.

I've played with big bands, solo for thousands of people, and on TikTok live with 1 person watching.

To me, the greatest joy is being able to make music and see the effect it has on people.

I've been innovating with the violin, trying to bring the best possible performances to the people of Dallas Texas.

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