Spicy Violin

Unique and energetic live-entertainment.

Why Hire Spicy?

300+ Weddings


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General FAQ

How is Spicy Violin better than other violinists?

Spicy not only has perfect pitch, but he's also a perfectionist. Everything he does is to the highest level of quality, including his speakers, equipment, and performances. Forsaking the boring antiquated classical sound, Spicy has an incredibly fun style that is different than the vast majority of violinists.

Does Spicy Violin travel?

Absolutely. Spicy is based in Dallas Texas but regularly serves the areas of Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and has done weddings in places even further like Boston, Cancun, and Denver. Spicy has to charge travel fees for events outside of the DFW area.

What sort of music does Spicy Violin play?

Mostly popular covers from the last 30 years, original music, as well as the occasional improv. Spicy Violin will typically do a combination of live looping and playing with tracks unless otherwise specified.

Wedding FAQ

How does the pricing work?

Spicy charges a flat rate for each section of your wedding so you aren't surprised by any hidden fees. The only things that could be extra charges would be to rent a tent (shade is necessary), learn more than 2 new songs, or if your wedding is running more than 15 minutes late.

Will I be able to pick the songs I want?

The couple always has FULL control over the music. Spicy has a song list of over 250 popular songs you can choose from and allows learning up to two new songs of your choice for free (excluding classical music).

Can Spicy REALLY play violin and DJ at the same time?

For short bursts, yes. But he will eventually have to mix into the next song so at some point he'll have to put it down. Spicy loves surprising people who hire him for their reception by laying down a fire violin solo over a super fun dance song.

Private Event FAQ

I want Spicy to put on a performance. Does he do this?

Spicy Violin is fully capable of putting on an amazing show and charming your audience with his persona and wowing them with his incredible looping abilities. Make sure you specify you're looking for a show as his prices for that are significantly different than for background music.

My party is small, can I get a discount?

Spicy doesn't discriminate between groups of 10 or groups of 1,000. The rate for his time remains constant regardless of the number of people showing up. However, last minute events (less than 3 weeks away) are eligible for a discount.

I need a particular style of music, can Spicy play anything?

Spicy theoretically CAN play anything but that doesn't mean he wants to! Aside from having an hour of Bollywood music, Spicy Violin typically doesn't take requests for a particular genre. Spicy specializes in Pop, EDM, Electronic, and Alternative music.