About Spicy Violin

Re-inventing the Violin

James Mahler (Spicy Violin) is a seasoned producer and performer based in Dallas Texas. He started learning the violin at the age of four and picked up numerous instruments along the way like piano, guitar, viola, and cello, just to name a few. Despite his rigid classical training, Spicy is constantly experimenting with new styles and innovating so he can bring the best possible performance wherever he goes.

Spicy primarily plays at restaurants, private parties, weddings, and corporate events, but with his rapidly increasing number of streams and followers, it won’t be long before he starts doing festivals and sold out shows. As a Pop and EDM based artist, Spicy turns your favorite tunes into virtuosic masterpieces that keep people engaged and coming back for more.

Spicy also has begun his journey as a professional mixing and mastering engineer, investing nearly $7000 in a high level course created by top tier engineers in the industry. With over 12 years of experience recording and mixing and this course filling in the gaps, Spicy is confident he can transform whatever style of music you’re making, into a solid track that sounds great everywhere.

Contact him today for anything literally anything music related. Whether it’s session work, producing, mixing, performing, or teaching, James is happy to help level up your projects.

See What Everyone Is Saying

Devin Rabon

He was amazing! Attendees of our wedding told us he brought them to tears. People still talk about his playing...(and) were on the dance floor all night which is all we wanted! The services he provided were worth every single penny.

Erica Gutierrez

I could not say enough good things about this guy...We requested two special songs which he performed wonderfully along with other songs. His playing is amazing and he is definitely a talented individual and will nail your song requests! Thank you James for being a great addition to our wedding!

Shannon Stelter

We got married 3 years ago and our friends STILL talk about how much they loved the violinist at our wedding! My husband met him on the day of our wedding and his only complaint was that he didn't get to hear him play enough! Highly, highly recommend you hire him for your wedding day!

Dallas TX. 813-361-5837


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